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Keeping your hair looking fabulous in summer can be quite challenging. Living in Florida makes it even harder. Your hair may be healthy soft and bouncy most of the year, but during the summer months, it becomes limp and lifeless. There are no signs of that bounce anymore.  This happens with the high humidity content in the atmosphere that settles on your hair and weighs it down, that result in limp hair.  Beyond the humidity, the increased sweat and dust associated with summer increases hair problems like dandruff, split ends and frizziness. But there is hope. The four simple steps below will make a big difference.

1. Use Hydrating Shampoo

Opt for a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, these products provide an intense hydration. Avoid using products that contain harsh sulfates, parabens or sodium chlorine, that can weigh down your hair.

2. Dampen Your Hair Before Swimming

We all enjoy taking a cool dip in the pool or beach, but salt and chlorine both damage hair. Did you know that you can protect your hair by simply spraying some water on your hair before swimming? This adds an extra layer of coating that prevents your hair from absorbing 100 percent of the chlorinated water or dry out from the salt, also this will help in preventing brassiness as well as chemicals in the pool turning your blonde locks green.

3. Use Oils to Protect from UV Rays

UV rays also damage hair. To protect your hair, use oils that smooth the cuticle, adds shine and has benefits of a natural sun protection, my favs are raspberry seed, avocado, coconut and olive oil, which can also be used before you wash your hair to help keep the natural oils from being completely stripped also as a leave in condition keeping your hair hydrated.

4. Rock a Hat

Rock a cute hat for your protection from the harmful rays that is not only damaging on your skin but also to your hair. Hats will make your scalp, hair and skin very happy, while simultaneously keeping you cooler by creating shade.

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