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You Don’t Have To Be a Superhero to Have an Origin Story

The first time I discovered my talent and creativity was during my early childhood, I excelled in art whether it was fashion, beauty care, drawing, painting, and poetry.  I was also excellent at dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading as well as highly organized and dedicated, finding that I was wonderful with delegating my skills visually.

During my youth, I attended a private school and they offered cosmetology classes consider to be art/science, I thought how perfect… I loved science with researching and experimenting, then art being a very creative person by nature.  I was able to practice in class on my family and friends, permanent waves, hair color, highlights, low lights, and haircuts, enjoying this fun time with my family and friends making them look and feel great was so rewarding.

However my career took a different direction, I received training and began working in the medical field as a Direct Care Worker assisting the disabled and elderly and I enjoyed it, I found myself being great at helping people.  I was still doing somebody’s hair, nails and makeup for fun; I was always great at recommending a beauty product that would benefit them.

So I decided to continue my education, taking Cosmetology it was my passion I did not only want to follow my dreams but my heart too, doing what I love to do, because just as the saying goes… being yourself is always what works best for us, at anything we do.  I was at a crossroad in my life during this time and it was a struggle being a private person who is very caring, loving, compassionate and sensitive, I stayed positive and focused having the ambition to make it work no matter the challenges.

I graduated from Cosmetology school in Brevard County Florida, with special thanks to some amazing instructors I’ll always remember.  I received many rewards including a student of the month, worked very hard taking specialty classes so I could offer as many services to my clients and having the knowledge and confidence to be great at what I do. I’ve worked in large corporation chain salons as well as private-owned salons alongside some wonderful and talented professionals achieving an excellence of experience; I’d like to give them a warm offering of my gratification for the opportunity in my future growth.

I am a heart attack survivor and life is too short to not take chances…  I’ve learned that I enjoyed making people happy seeing someone’s smile was all that I needed to feel like I’ve made a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s just for a moment.  So I thought to start my own small business as salon owner was my best option where I could be myself doing what I love.  What is even more exciting is I’m always learning each and every day, enjoying living and conducting business in the beautiful Space Coast of Florida.

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