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Let’s face it…the hair coloring and style options available have gotten a little confusing. Whether you are booking your first hair color appointment, thinking of trying a new look, or haven’t had your hair colored in a few months – this guide will help you be sure you’ve selected the service you’re looking for.  Some salons aren’t much help either. I’ll walk you through the maze of options and hopefully clear up some confusion.

After choosing a new salon (and we hope it’s Reflections Hair Design right here in Palm Bay) or planning this change with your old salon – you’re ready to call.  You dial the phone and the receptionist asks, “What service are we booking you for today?”.  You stop and panic.  Do you know what you truly need done to your hair?  Are you guessing?  At this point you may tell the receptionist that you “just need your roots done” or “just a few highlights” or maybe you think “a gloss will work”.

You wish you knew exactly what you need, and you had the best of intentions when you called. Unfortunately though, this confusion often results in an appointment that doesn’t allow enough time to accomplish the look you may be going for.  So let’s get you ready for booking an appointment.

Do You Need a Color Retouch?

A color retouch is when I apply a single color to your root area where the natural hair growth starts.  This is the only place hair color is applied during a color retouch.  It is common to charge for the use of extra color when natural regrowth is longer due to not being maintained with regular appointments.

Looking for Some Highlights?

A partial highlight service is when I add highlights that are visible around the face and on the sides of the hair.  With this process, I do not touch the back of the hair.  This is probably not the look for clients that often wear your hair half up and half down.  Partial highlights add colo dimension, or more simply, a contrast of light and dark tones.  An example of dimensional color might be created by adding lighter hair color to natural hair color creating a contrast and the “dimensional color” look.  For even more dimension, clients will request lowlights to darken part of the hair. Partial highlights and lowlights are often requested when a client is seeking even more contrast.

What’s the Difference Between a Partial and Full Highlight?

Partial highlights are highlights visible around the face and on the sides of the hair.  Partial highlight services do not include any color added to the back of the hair.  Full highlights include color throughout the hair.  This is the best option for clients that wear hair half up and half down.  For clients with naturally dark hair but hair that is colored blonde this would be for a great alternative to the partial highlight for you.  You wouldn’t want to be out in the middle of a windstorm with your hair parting, allowing everyone to see a huge line of new growth in your back of your hair.

What’s this Fancy Word “Balayage”?

Balayage is a French word that means sweeping.  This technique should only be done by trained stylists like me. You have to free-hand paints your highlights. Different patters on individual hair strands create a beautiful natural look.  This is perfect for the client that is seeking the look for their hair that they had when they were a child, less noticeable regrowth lines, or just seeking a natural soft look.  This is often referred to clients that are looking for a small change and don’t mind underneath the hair being a little darker. If you are looking for ALL of your hair to be lightened or darkened, you will need a full balayage so that the underneath has an even flow.  Typically, almost every client getting balayage for the first time gets a full balayage.

What’s the Difference Between a Color Retouch and a Balayage?

When looking at the mirror at the new growth area, ask yourself, “Do I like how my hair naturally ashy, warm, or neutral?”.  A mousey, gold, copper, dull, loss of shine, or lifeless color look is often a sign that you need a root color (color retouch) more than a balayage.

And then there’s the Ombre

An ombre may take a few visits to accomplish. Generally, ombres work best for brunettes, but I’ve actually managed to have great success with a blonde Ombre. Ombre is a style for the girl who doesn’t mind the extra maintenance.  Most of the time people who want ombre have colored their hair before.  Be aware that the process requires me to lighten your previously colored hair and then go all of the way to the underlying warmth pigments in your hair.  It may first be red, then copper and then pale yellow.  It looks absolutely gorgeous once the final look is achieved, but you may need to be patient.  It takes time because I care about the integrity of your hair and I want to make sure it stays healthy during the process.

What is a Full Color?

Full-color is a service where a single color is applied from the roots to the ends of the hair with no dimension and the color is fluid throughout all of the hair.  This typically is for someone who is coloring their hair and loves the solid single color hair look.

Why Should You Add Toner After Lightening Your Hair?

No matter who you are, everyone has an underlying pigment in his or her hair.  This is based on ethnic background and color of the natural hair.  So after lightening your hair, sometimes reds, coppers, and yellow tones appear.  This is normal but I’m trained to know how to cancel these tones out.  It may take more than once to cancel the colors out properly.  It depends on the tone of highlights that will work best with specific colors.  Occasionally I suggest a toner. This simply assures that the underlying color you have in your cuticle is taken care of.

Now You Know…

Now you know everything you need to call and book your next hair appointment.  Except for the tming that is. You see some things take time and you need to take care not to damage your hair. Typically, clients go between 3-5 weeks for a color retouch because it takes new growth that long to show enough root. Highlights typically last 6-8 weeks between appointments.  Ombre’ and balayage generally need to be refreshed between 6-10 weeks after the service depending on the hair growth and at home hair-care regimen of the client.

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